How is your teen Feeling towards exams?

  • Exam Anxiety

    Does your teen suffer with exam nerves?

  • Lack of Confidence

    Does your teen have a lack of confidence and does not feel they have done enough for their exams?

  • Fear of Failure

    Your teen is studying and motivated, but when it comes to the exam they feel the pressure of not wanting to fail

What are the benefits of self-hypnosis?

  • Enhance Focus & Concentration

    Improve concentration levels, helping students to maintain focus on studying and retain information more effectively.

  • Reduce Exam Stress

    Alleviate exam-related stress and anxiety, allowing students to approach exams with a calmer and clearer mindset.

  • Increase Confidence

    Boost self-confidence and self-belief, empowering students to tackle exams with a positive mindset and belief in their abilities

  • Positive Mindset

    Foster a positive mindset and optimistic outlook, enabling students to approach exams with a sense of optimism and resilience.

  • Improve sleep and relaxation

    Help students alleviate physical tension and mental stress associated with exam preparation, helping them sleep better.

  • Improve Performance

    By addressing psychological barriers and enhancing mental preparedness, hypnosis can contribute to improved exam performance and academic success.

Free Young Minds Unique Formula

Tried and tested methods including hypnosis, breathwork, heart coherance and visualisation

At Free Young Minds, we're dedicated to supporting students in thriving throughout the exam season. Through years of experience working closely with students, both individually and within school settings, we've honed a powerful formula that fosters confidence, motivation, self-belief, and ultimately, success. Witnessing countless transformations, we're thrilled to now offer our expertise through a self-guided hypnosis program.

We recognise that a certain level of stress is natural during exams. However, when stress becomes overwhelming, it can impede performance. Our proven formula and techniques are tailored to address this challenge. They're designed not only to alleviate stress but also to enhance performance and provide invaluable life skills.

Our approach transcends simple coping mechanisms; it's about rewiring the brain to instill a new way of thinking. By promoting positive behavioral patterns, we enable individuals to unlock the vast potential of their minds. Think of it as accessing the boundless processing power of a computer-like brain.

'I know how to change negative thoughts to positive ones, I can choose how i want to feel, I feel more motivated to want to study '

What's included

Bonus materials

Included in our programme

  • Free Preview

    Download our Exam Success Guide before you buy the full course

  • Access to a library of hypnosis audios

    Access our exclusive downloadable library of hypnosis audios to use before and throughout the exam season.

  • Downloadable activity

    We have created a special activity to support you and your teen to help navigate the looping thoughts associated with the exam season together.

Bonus Masterclasses

  • Understanding Anxiety

    A masterclass with our mentors Tessa, Javier and Claire to help parents understand anxiety and your teen

  • Supporting Your Teen with Anxiety

    Anxiety is a common experience for many teens when it comes to exams. This masterclass introduces some strategies for parents to help support their teens.


Javier, Tessa & Claire

Mentors and Coaches

Free Young Minds .

We are Javier Orti, Tessa Grazzini and Claire Linturn, the joint founders and Directors of FYM. With over 30 years of experience working with teenagers and young adults, FYM results from our passion and professionalism. “We imagine a generation of future adults feeling happy and free to be the best version of themselves. And we are going to do our absolute best to help them.” (Javier, Tessa, Claire)